There is nothing
like a lasershow

This breathtaking effect can only be produced with a real laser. The show service of LIGHTLINE Lasertechnik e.K. offers lasershows all around the world for every imaginable event.

Professional show designers and high quality equipment are the guaranty for a perfect result of the shows performed by LIGHTLINE.

Indoor Show

We create the perfect customized indoor lasershow with brilliant colours, nice beam effects and high-class laser graphics. Whether in small locations or large stage setups, with LIGHTLINE Lasertechnik e.K. you choose an experienced partner.

Outdoor Show

The right brightness and beam quality for large outdoor-shows can be achieved because we only use OPSL-technology for our shows. Laser setups with several hundreds of watts make open-air shows a spectacular experience. LIGHTLINE Lasertechnik e.K. has the equipment. Just excellent!

Corporate Show

Customized product-presentations are the most performed lasershows. LIGHTLINE Lasertechnik e.K. has a large library of concepts and animation content. Come and visit our demo studio and let us create your personal lasershow!


If a company has not enough or the suitable laser equipment to perform a show, LIGHTLINE Lasertechnik e.K. offer our dry hire-service. A large stock of Excellent SLP´s, Excellent Tripans, Excellent 15´s and Excellent 30´s is available for our customers.

The Excellent-projectors are very small OPS-lasersources on the market. Together with a flightcase the weight is well optimized to keep the shipping costs as low as possible. Excellent SLP, Excellent TRIPAN and Excellent 10 weight less than 32kg packed in stable flightcase each. So for travelling by plane, just check-in and take a highpower-laser with you!


Dry Hire